Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble

de The Residents


Dive deep into the psyche of Randall “Junior” Rose (Dustin York), son of a recently deceased rock star and a former priest who has lost faith in the church. Convinced that a fungus is a threat to humanity, and accompanied by his only friend Cherry, an AI enhanced drone (voiced by Isabelle Barbier), Junior slowly gathers evidence to support his bizarre theory, spiraling out of control in the process…

Written and directed by Homer Flynn and The Residents, and produced by Starr Sutherland, Triple Trouble tells the story of Junior, a former priest turned plumber. When he discovers a mysterious fungus in the pipes of San Francisco, his investigation also leads him to reevaluate his past relationships, including coming to terms with the memory of his father, the Residents singer Randy Rose. Triple Trouble stars Dustin York as Junior, Gerri Lawlor as Junior’s Mom, Isabelle Ellingson as Suzi, and Isabelle Barbier as the voice of Cherry.


French Première at Bourges – organized by Antre Peaux

Other informations

Cast and characters

Dustin York as Randall "Junior" Rose
Gerri Lawlor as Junior's Mom
Isabelle Ellingson as Suzi
Mark Petrakis as Father Reilly
Randy Rose as himself
Isabelle Barbier as Amy and the voice of Cherry
Rodney Earl Jackson, Jr. as newsreader
James and Matt Heckman as Al and Ollie Gump

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