Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Current Music & Dance-Theatre-Performance

The POD Arts du Spectacle focuses on supporting creation in the field of music, performance, dance, theater and all other forms of live performance. The choices of distribution and support contribute to building possible alternatives to commodification and standardization. The Performing Arts POD actively supports different aesthetic forms. It shares the discovery of emerging artists, atypical and experimental proposals; supporting artists from local to international. The policy of accompaniment is built from several devices which support the professionalization, with the constant concern to cross the experiences, the ambitions and the courses. It creates a space for encounters, new creations and transmission for an artistic transversality of the performing arts.

Tue. June 25
Plein tarif : 18€ / Prévente + réduit : 15€ / Adhérent•e : 13€


Projeten - Stéphane Ghislain Roussel
antre peaux : Houlocène + HORS LES MURS : Abbaye de Noirlac
Sat. June 15
Plein tarif : 10€ / Prévente + réduit : 8€ / Adhérent•e : 5€

Soirée électro

Submarine FM - Live techno - Lyon + Nawme and cie - Electro / Bass music - Nantes