Antre Peaux resources bring together artistic productions, mediation contents, films, artists interviews, on line works, manifestos, coming from the work of and with the artists received and supported. Please find here exclusive documents as well as previously unseen works performed in situ or outside the walls, in Bourges or someplace else, within the context of residencies, workshops, productions or at the Rencontres internationales Mondes-s Multiples-s. Some films are viewable upon request using a form.


Type de ressource
6. Art contemporain/ Ressources pédagogiques

Les œuvres vous parlent – Make a space for my body

9. Biomédias/ Homo Photosyntheticus

Devenir photosynthèse

Entretien avec Hideo Iwasaki
6. Art contemporain/ 8. Multi-médias


du groupe Hall Noir