Multi-medias Arts

Multi-medias Arts


> 109 m2

> 1 polyfunctional tray

> 2 post-production studios

> Equipment: screen(s), video projector(s), video control room, computer workstations, green screen, dolly, etc.

> Capacity: 110 people

> RPM Access and Accommodations

antre peaux

The Haïdouc gallery was created by Bandits-Mages in October 2000 on the site of Antre Peaux.

In addition to screenings and film events, Antre Peaux offers artists a space of aesthetic freedom and research: the Haïdouc.

This space for video, film and multi-media production and experimentation can be transformed into a medialab, film set or exhibition space.

Approaches that experiment with distribution tools within the creative act are strongly encouraged. Thus, projects that are part of a policy of autonomous and experimental practices, DIY (Do It Yourself) and factories are encouraged thanks to a modular and open conception of the place, as well as to a flexibility of organization based on a capacity of inventiveness and reactivity. Everyone can carry out an individual or collective reflection. Regular programming is offered through invitations to artists and filmmakers.

It is linked to two post-production studios equipped for video editing, sound editing and post-production. Each studio allows artists and filmmakers to work independently or to be accompanied by an operator from the team.

au Haïdouc...
Fri. December 15Sun. December 17
Performance : 5€ // Installation : Gratuit

Choir of Kin

de TRANSFORMATIVE NARRATIVES (Lena Kuzmich & Tony Wagner)
Sat. September 16Sun. September 17
Pass famille après-midi (6 personnes max) : 25€ // Par spectacle : 3€ par adulte / 5€ par enfant

Antre Mômes #3

Festival jeune public
Fri. May 5Sun. May 7
Projections : 5€ / Exposition et atelier : GRATUIT / Pass complet : 10€ (projections + ciné-concert Maya Deren / Mona Kazu)

Ouvrir les yeux et voir les mains ouvertes

de Boris Lehman & Régina Guimarães