Studio Corps

Studio Corps


> Tray : 186 m2

> Capacity: 100 people max.

> 80 seats with bleacher

> Loge and sanitary facilities: 26 m2

> RPM Access and Accommodations

antre peaux

Space for research, creation in residence, rehearsal in stage condition, artistic practices (workshop): Dance, theater, performance, multimedia.

The Houlocène studio is a true laboratory of experimentation turned towards the challenges of the current choreographic and theatrical scene. It is conceived as a space for bodies in movement in order to accompany the diversity and vitality of today's creation.

Its objective is to strengthen and develop contemporary choreographic and theatrical creation: a place to meet, create, accompany and transmit around the artistic transversalities of the living arts as close as possible to our territories.

With so many bridges between creation residencies, practice and performance, Houlocène has new ambitions for the creation of emerging artists and companies and atypical forms of performing arts.

Conditionally available for theater, dance and performance projects of companies, collectives and artists.