Arts Visuels

Arts Visuels

The symbiotic alliance Bandits-Mages / Emmetrop gives birth to a reinforced project for the visual arts. The project is led by the association Antre Peaux, named after the site where it is located.

The poly, trans and inter-disciplinary approach, in a collective and participative dynamic, constitutes the sediment of this inclusive, innovative and prospective fusion.

The Visual and Sound Arts PODS, a four-headed monster - Contemporary art in all its plastic practices. - the Haidouc Factory, independent, underground and experimental cinema, multimedia and multi-actor practices. Initiator of the Rencontres de Monde-s Multiple-s - the Bio Media Arts which give rise to the creation of a biolab: UrsuLaB, with a marked orientation Arts Sciences F(r)ictions and Environment.

The POD's modes of intervention are plural and open to experimentation. Exhibitions, Research and Creation Residence, Production Residence, Project Support, Publishing, Specific Facilities (residence in a company and in an agricultural and farming environment). Artistic education, the setting up of workshops for the general public, the sensitive and demanding mediation of projects and exhibitions is at the heart of the stakes of transmission and democratisation of the Visual and Sound Arts POD in connection with the POD Pollinisation.

The POD Visual Arts aims to become an Art Center of National Interest and, in alliance with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges (ENSA), to position itself as the reference group Centre Val de Loire Region - Art Science, Technology and Environment (PRASTE).

The structuring, collaborative and productive relationship with the ENSAB has led to the creation of the Bourges Visual Arts Platform.

The two entities share their circuits for the diffusion of contemporary art in the Centre-Val de Loire Region and thus participate in the network

It is rooted in numerous national and international projects and networks, particularly European ones:
- Biofriction,
- Green.Revisited,

Its project operates in 3 spaces: the Transpalette, the Haïdouc and theUrsuLaB.

Antre Peaux is a member of the network Art::labo

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Choir of Kin

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