1 + 1 = 3

1 + 1 = 3 In 2020, in Bourges (FR), Emmetrop and Bandits-Mages do not slip away to disappear but to create a new entity: Antre Peaux, a name already known for the place where we always have joy to welcome artists (musicians, platicians, performers, film-makers, etc.), researchers, visitors, old and new audiences, participants in the activities we proposed.

It is a space where is offered a multiple and rich program of crossings and rubbing. Antre Peaux is where we like to think with and for radical tenderness. Antre Peaux strives to become an adaptable and modular toolbox, an elaboratory of the creation dedicated to the support of projects in the fields of contemporary and experimental music, visual arts, contemporary dance, performance, theatre, theatre, video, film and contemporary media creation, as well as education and transmission. This deeply curious and greedy of all the great differences makes this artistic and cultural place a convergence of energies engaged in the making of the diversity of tomorrow's art scenes, whether they are of proximity, national or international. Multi-polar research head, but also a den, a shelter co-participatory for all and prairies to think, one of the founding objectives is to continue to imagine happy dialogues between creation and audiences. Antre Peaux is supported by the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire, the Centre-Val de Loire Region, the Department of Cher, and the City of Bourges. Many project are supported by the European Commission.



In 2018, Antre Peaux (Bandits-mages and Emmetrop) l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges and the National Higher School of Art of Bourges (ENSAB) have created the Visual Arts Platform of Bourges to promote Visual Arts, making recognise their common actions and the central place of the visual arts.
In 2019, the Bourges Visual Arts Platform created the regional Arts, Sciences, Technology and ecologies regional hub:PRASTE in order to better define the main lines of its research, production and dissemination and to fully situate itself within a national and European network. The Cluster carries research-creation projects involving, in particular, contemporary media and promoting the diversity of expressions in the field of biomedia, image-movement, sound creation and digital arts.




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