Arnaud Fournier
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Arnaud Fournier

Discover the artist through his live and his portrait

Discover the solo live of Arnaud Fournier, performed in the friche (wilderness) on December 11. And to go further, an exclusive interview!



Arnaud Fournier
Founding member of the groups HINT (since 1993), LA PHAZE (since 1999), DEAD HIPPIES (since 2013) and ATONALIST (since 2017), Arnaud Fournier embarks for the first time in a fully solo adventure, with the desire to sculpt the sound matter with the help of his instruments: guitars and amplifiers, trumpet and saxophone, samples and effects. The concept aims to propose a totally immersive sound experience, to work on sound impressionism going from the lightness of a drop of water to the weight of an anvil. As always, is is about mistreating the extremes, confronting the beauty of noise, having the sensitive and physical come together.

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