Oiseaux Tempête x Human Patern
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Oiseaux Tempête x Human Patern

Artist in Musiques actuelles residence

Live from the artists Oiseaux Tempête x Human Pattern of November 26 of last year. 

Looking down on storms since 2012, the multi-faceted collective OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE is one of the French and European leading independent scenic formation.

From long term albums constructed while traveling around the Mediterranean basin (the trilogy “Oiseaux-Tempête”, “Ütopiya?”, “AL-’AN!”) to their recent Montreal trek (“From Somewhere Invisible”), from hypnotic original soundtracks (“Sortilège (TLAMESS)”, “Khamsin”) to live epics (“TARAB”), the group formed by Frédéric D. Oberland & Stéphane Pigneul enlisted over the years the services of adventurous musicians (G.W.Sok (The Ex), Mondkopf, Jean-Michel Pirès (Bruit Noir), Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart), Jessica Moss (A Silver Mt Zion), Gareth Davis, Charbel Haber…), orchestrating together a wild and white-hot odyssey.

Used to collaborate with the videographer’s duo AS HUMAN PATTERN (Grégoire Couvert & Grégoire Orio) for the clips of their last albums, it’s during a residence within the frame of the short movie festival of Clermont-Ferrand in 2020 that OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE and AS HUMAN PATTERN have started to elaborate a common project combining live music and video projections with live editing.

Lifting of bodies, memory, duality, animality, trance, war, folly of men, many themes that clash in a diversion of archive images into poetic tales sending back as much to the collective unconscious as to our contemporary fictions. Through cinema and music, AS HUMAN PATTERN & OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE summon the ghosts and invite you to an immanent experience of reality.
En cinéma et en musique, AS HUMAN PATTERN & OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE convoquent les fantômes et invitent à une expérience immanente du réel.

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