9. Biomédias/ Ressources pédagogiques


May, 20-22, 2021, Cité Internationale des Arts et Volumes Lab & Foodlab

An event by the Makery medialab

How can we foster relationships between art practices and health and biomedical research? How can art raise issues of equity in access to healthcare? What kind of vocabulary and methodologies can we use to engage and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that might actively contribute to supporting vulnerable or sick people, or those who are victims of discriminatory access to healthcare services? And how can we respond to urgent issues such as the exclusion of marginalized groups from healthcare services, global migrations, the collapse of environmental health and the need for radical healthcare in these pandemic times?

Open Source Body is a transdisciplinary festival held every two years by the medialab to create opportunities for encounters and collaborations between artists and professionals in the fields of healthcare and biomedical research. In 2021, Open Source Body has partnered with the Cité Internationale des Arts and Volumes Lab & Foodlab in Paris to host three days of talks, discussions, workshops and performances. Open Source Body was organised as part of ART4MED.EU (2020-2022), an initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.





Jeudi 20 mai, matinée : Anthropologie, féminisme, postcolonialité et soins radicaux

Natasa Petresin (Fr/Si), Cité Internationale des Arts – modération
Emilia Sanabria, CNRS
Aniara Rodado
Luiza Prado
Paloma Ayala, Badlab Collective

Thursday, May 20, Afternoon : ART4MED, Art Meets Health and Biomedical Research

Ewen Chardronnet – modération
Adriana Knouf, Miha Tursic – Waag, Nl

Emilia Tikka, Erich Berger, Oula Valkeeapa, Lena Valkeepa – Bioart Society, Fi
Shu Lea Cheang, Vivien Roussel – Art2M/Makery, Fr
Helena Nikonole & Lucy Ojomoko, Jurij Krpan & Simon Gmajner – Kersnikova Institute, Si

Friday, May 21, Morning : Endocrine Disruptors and Public Action Design

Ewen Chardronnet – modération
Aliens in Green: Bureau d’études + Špela Petrič
Mariana Rios Sandoval (CNRS)

Friday, May 21, Morning : Ensargasse-Moi

Annabel Guérédrat

Friday, May 21, Afternoon : Photosymbiosis and Human Health – panel 1

Jens Hauser (Medical Museion Copenhagen)
Myra Chavez (Anatomy Institute, Bern University)

 Friday, May 21, Afternoon : Photosymbiosis and Human Health – panel 2

Jens Hauser – modération
Maya Minder & Ewen Chardronnet
Quimera Rosa

20-22 mai, petite galerie de la Cité Internationale des Arts

Seconde peau – soft walls, patch.e.s & soap
Exposition by Nathalie Harb & Benoit Piéron


Saturday, May 22, Afternoon

Echo of Leaf and Body, workshop by BabLab Collective

Green Open Food Evolution, workshop by Maya Minder

ICTUSCORDIS, performance de Janus Alez Luznar


©Quentin Chevrier
©Quentin Chevrier
©Quentin Chevrier

Production : Anne-Cécile Worms / Makery-Art2M
Curating & executive production : Ewen Chardronnet (Makery)
Stage management : Benjamin Gaulon & Julien Maudet (Makery)
Filming Cité Internationale des Arts : David Legrand, David Bernagout (Antre-Peaux)
Filming Volumes Lab & Foodlab : Sandra Bühler (Makery)
Editing Volumes Lab & Foodlab : David Bernagout (Antre-Peaux)
Editing Volumes Lab & Foodlab : Sandra Bühler (Makery)
Graphic design : Olivier Morvan (Makery)
Web : François Robin (Makery)
Sous-titrage interviews GOFE-Roscosmoe : David Bernagout (Antre-Peaux)

Co-production : Cité Internationale des Arts ; Volumes Lab / Oasis 21 ; Foodlab
Audiovisual co-production : Antre-Peaux
Soutien artistique :  Roscosmoe, Art Explora, International Hackteria Society
Open Source Body is co-funded by the CNC-DCRéaM, the Creative Europe program of the European Union & ProHelvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture.

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