Take care: Methodology of the relationship
Emilia Sanabria is an anthropologist, member of the Medicine, Science, Societies Research Center (CERMES3) and head of the research program “Healing encounters: reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond”.
Denis Chartier is a geographer and an artist, teacher at the Paris university, and member of the laboratory Dynamiques sociales et recomposition des espaces (LADYSS). Browsing in the article
Based on her anthropological works on the globalisation of the ayahuasca rituals, a psychotropic potion from the Amazon, Emilia Sanabria will question the efficiency of healing mechanisms. The ayahuasca rituals are multispecies mechanisms where the human-plants/worlds relationships are at stake. These mechanisms transform the attention modes. If, in the western world, the focus is on the pharmaceutical efficiency of the plant, the traditional healing practices show the importance of the ritual setting, of the way the space is maintained and the utmost importance of the care given to things.
Based on his works on environmental geography, readily qualified as gaiagraphic, Denis Chartier will question the efficiency of the response mechanisms to the ecological disaster and to the healing to the “territorial body”. After a short recall of what locks the political ecology proposals (in the Amazon, in international conferences, etc.), he will show, through the presentation of the winegrowers practices in natural wines in the Cher and Beuvron valleys, the paramount importance of care, its resonance with other than humans, visible or invisible, in order to fully build new manners of multispecies dwelling.
Emilia Sanabria and Denis Chartier dialogueront ensuite autour des méthodologies pour saisir et promouvoir ces formes dattention. 
8. Multi-médias/ 9. Biomédias/ Ressources pédagogiques