Anouk Daguin
9. Biomédias

Anouk Daguin

In UrsuLaB residence from January 4 to 17.

Le chant du monde (world’s song) is a residence proposal within UrsuLaB, an interdisciplinary resources and research center on the basis of partnerships as open as possible. This space located in the artistic friche (wasteland) of Bourges, that summons both fiction and reconciliation with the Living , is a place of exploration, of cohabitation to see again the world as a forest.
Faced with a crisis that calls into question our proximity ties, sweeping in the light the dust of inequalities created by our society, we can ask ourselves how to establish a link between man and plant. 
Faced with this sanitary situation, the plants become companions, first-class confidants. They are here, next to us, in our quarantined interiors, they bring joy to our days, filling the boredom by means of their living organism presence.
The constraint developed by the confinement becomes a source of reflection on the use of the present means to establish exchanges but also to create new ways of getting closer, to pacify our human bodies and also our vegetable bodies.
“Do you speak to your plants?"
You must talk to them. I tell them: Well, you are so pretty. Yesterday, I cut a little leaf. Well, it bothers you, I see it, it must be removed, there.” used to answer me Mrs Brants, 84, living in the retirement home,Terre-Nègre in Bordeaux.
I propose to you this experience, this travel of an interaction inter-species between you and me, but especially between us and them. 
Crisis comes from the Greek word Krisis, its definition is manifold. For example, it defines the stage of an illness where we tend towards getting better or the worst.
Here, it is a call to imagination, to reinvent, to share the call of the vegetable! 
Let’s recreate a relationship of housemates between man and plant and all organisms living with us this uniquely human confinement. 

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