Club Contrat-Sexuel
7. Cinéma/ 8. Multi-médias

Club Contrat-Sexuel

of Gérald Kurdian within the context of the Multiple World-s Meetings

Club Contra-Sexuel is an on line DJ set ritual experience like an audio erotic massage to wake up the invisible bodies, the invented organs.

He combines the evocative forces of the queer science-fiction, the restorative songs of the militant feminism, the polymorphic states of club music, the sound track of a post-porno movie, maybe. Together and in a sound bath played and performed live, we dive in ourselves as in a fluid world where pleasure is expressed in multiplied forms.

Prohibited to minors under 18


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Gérald Kurdian
studies visual arts at the ENSAPC before joining the post-diploma Ex.e.r.ce 07 under the leadership of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy. His slanting concerts have been since regularly presented within the context of living shows, visual arts, and independent music. Since 2017, he has developed HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE!, a cycle of performing and musical research on queer micro politics and alternative forms of sexuality. Awarded the prize Paris Jeunes Talents 09 and spotted by the Grand Zebrock and FAIR 2010, his first album, This is the hello monster!, is selected among the best albums of the year by the daily paper Libération.

In 2016, he releases the record Icosaèdre, in collaboration with the electronic musician Chapelier Fou, end in 2020, an EP for clubs made with the producer Apollo Noir, Tarek X - I - V.

He is currently one of the artists-researchers of the Coopérative de Recherche de l’École Supérieure d’Arts of Clermont-Métropole.

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