Prima Materia
To be listened to/ A thousand and one sets

Prima Materia

Artist in Musiques actuelles residence

Le groupe Prima Materia vous propose une lecture sonore en quadriphonie. 

The group Prima Materia offers you a quadraphonic sound play. Oral literature always existed. The art of telling stories is certainly the oldest art and the oldest form of expression of our humanity. Since the dawn of time, we have been listening to stories. Today, we still listen to them (radio fictions, podcasts, audio books...). If this art has withstood the passage of centuries, it’s because its function appears to be a necessity.

Valentin Pedler After having attended the musicology faculty of Tours for two years in 2010/2012, I enter the Jazz school in Tours in the professional course musique actuelle. In 2014, after leaving school, I create the Prima Materia association, the role of which will be to adapt a Space Opera. This project gathers the music groups Mopa (composed of 7 musicians), of the duo Le Tombeau des Alchimistes, some illustration/graphic work of Lohengrin Papadato, and many other collaborations with musicians and plastic artists. All these projects tell various chapters of a science-fiction story written for the occasion. In 2016, I form the group Thé Vanille. In parallel, I am employed by Radio Béton from 2017 to 2018 as radio host/programmer/technician. In 2019, I become laureate of the JUMP plan. It allows me to continue my multidisciplinary research work with plastic artists and actors. Within the collective creation, I imagine and create an orchestra with sixteen speakers, an acousmatic object named IDR. Later on, the project will be supported by Le Temps Machine. Nymphes, collaboration with the actress Diane Pasquet begins in September 2019 around a quadraphonic sound play on the theme of intersectionality, to answer an order from the Désir Désir festival in Tours. The duo resides several weeks in the Tours CDN (National Drama Center) to refine the work and is accompanied to record a sound play for the CDN

Diane Pasquet After theater studies in the drama schools of Orléans and Lyon, then at the Ecole Supérieure du Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes, Diane joins the artistic ensemble of the Théâtre Olympia - Tours CDN as actress. For example, she plays in L’Ile des Esclaves of Marivaux, staged by Jacques Vincey, and Monument Hystériques of Vanasay Khamphommala. Currently, she finishes her contract and forms her collective NÉON TROPICAL with two creators and light technicians who wish to develop several projects: hybrid show, stage set construction and creation of alternative nights in unique places, similar to the Berlin nights model (if the COVID would come to an end...!) The objective of this last project is to mix the plastic and performance arts with the party. Currently, Diane works in collaboration with Valentin Pedler on various creations: quadraphonic sound plays, IDR - acousmatic installation and Puberté Zéro personal creation; OVNI show freely inspired from Alice in Wonderland.

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