For further information: extracts of ecofeminist writings
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For further information: extracts of ecofeminist writings

Linked to the exhibition Even the rock reach out to kiss you

You will find here a selection of texts, extracts of ecofeminist publications, proposed by Julie Crenn, curator of the exhibition.


Extract No. 1

Vandana Shiva is a female Indian scientist, philosopher and activist, precursor of ecofeminism.

For about forty years, she has engaged in a non-violent battle for food sovereignty, peace, democracy or pushing forward women status. In particular, she reminds us of women know-how and their importance within society.

PDF : Extract No. 1 : “Embrace the trees”, Vandana Shiva


Extract No. 2

Supporter of non-violent direct action, Starhawk has participated in every anti-war and anti-nuclear movement in the United States in the years 1970-1980. Afterwards, she is found in Seattle or Genoa within anti-globalization ranks. Defining herself as both feminist and neo-pagan witch, she publishes Dreaming the Dark. Women, magic, and politics in 1982 in the United States. Based on the very real narrative of her participation in these movements, she explores a creative and festive science of rituals, inviting everyone to become aware of his/her power and to implement it by tightening the links with the others, acting within their abilities in the community.

PDF : Extract No. 2 : "Dreaming the Dark", Starhawk


Extract No. 3

In 1985, attacked by a crocodile in the Kakadu national park, Val Plumwood escapes an almost certain death. For the Australian ecofeminist, in a split-second, the established order between human and nature is overturned. How, as a human being, can she be relegated to the status of a prey? This initiatory encounter brings to light the idea, buried in a deep stratum of her conscience, that the human is above and out of the rest of nature. Flushing out the mechanisms governing this trap takes up ever since the whole career of Val Plumwood. In this text, she leaves us a valuable diagnostic and fertile proposals to inhabit the earth as an ecological community. In The Eye of the Crocodile, Val Plumwood has not only experienced her vulnerability, but she has also fully tested the human exception fantasy and resistance.

PDF : Extract No. 3 : “Revive nature", Val Plumwood





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