To go further: Witches & Altergynecology
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To go further: Witches & Altergynecology

Linked to the exhibition Even the rock reach out to kiss you

We suggest you find here several resources to discover or deepen your knowledge of the witch figure and their links to ecofeminism.


To read 

“Les sorcières, ces coupables idéales ?“, article of Annabelle Georgen, on the Axelle magazine, Belgian feminist monthly 
Interview of Colette Arnoud, author ofthe history of witchcraft in the West Witches, the ideal culprits?
The author returns to the history of witches: who were these women and why were they persecuted?

« Pourquoi faut-il se regarder la chatte ? Une introduction à l’auto-gynécologie »,
Article published on the cyclic collaborative platform dedicated to the stakes linked to the periods. The author returns to the history of modern and institutional gynecology, marked by sexism, racism, and violence. She lingers on altergynacology, which starts with the witches, and offers a counter-model to reclaim our body.

« S’armer jusqu’aux lèvres. Comment affronter une consultation gynécologique ? » 
Brochure conceived and broadcast by Auto-défense gynéco (Cévennes). “A first brochure, S’armer jusqu’aux lèvresis born from meetings between women who look to tame again their bodies, exchanging together knowledge, autonomy practices and talks around sexuality and health. Women who were fed up with doctors and pharmaceutical labs. Persons who share a common feminism and look to resist against any form of domination (linked to differences in gender, class, color, sexuality, physical strength, cultural and linguistic background, age, place, way of life, etc.). “



« Paroles de sorcières, penser l’écoféminisme », conférence (1h)
Conference held in 2018 at the Museum of Hunting and Nature. With the intervention of Céline du Chéné, producer at France Culture; Camille Ducellier, artist and witch; and Olga Potot, philosopher and feminist.
Together, they come back to what is ecofeminism, talk about the dichotomy nature/culture, the relationship between Women and Nature and about witches.



Un podcast à soi n°6 : « Le gynécologue et la sorcière. Pouvoir médical et corps des femmes » (1h)
A creation of Charlotte Bienaimé, Arte radio, 2018.
This podcast alludes to the gynecological violence suffered by many women and raises the question: how to explain and make these practices change?

LSD la série documentaire : « Sorcières » (4 épisodes de 54min)
A documentary series of Céline du Chéné, directed by Laurent Paulré, for France Culture.
This series of four episodes traces the origins of the witch figure, which cntinues to fascinate us.

« Présence des sorcières. Du bûcher à l’écoféminisme », France Culture (45min)
“To understand to what correspond these movements which today rally around the witch figure, Marc Weitzmann talks to Céline du Chéné, producer at France Culture and authoress of Sorcières. Sorcières. Une histoire de femmes Une histoire de femmes ((Michel Lafon / Radio France) Maxime Gelly-Perbellini, historian and Arièle Bonte, newspaper woman, creator of the newsletter Spell it louddedicated to witchcraft. “



Chollet Mona, Sorcières – La puissance invaincue des femmes, 2018. (Witches – The undefeated power of women) Nissim, Rina. Une sorcière des temps modernes: le self-help et le mouvement femmes et santé. (A modern times witch: the self-help and the movement women and health) 2014. Starhawk, Rêver l’obscur : femmes, magie et politique. (To dream the dark: women, magic and politics) Paris: Cambourakis, 2015. Silvia Federici. Caliban et la sorcière. (Caliban and the witch) Paris: Entremonde, 2014. Available here:


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